Work Reviews

In order to receive a certificate from MKC Academy of Fashion, Beauty & Print, students must be registered and all work assignments must be reviewed. Download, fill-out and complete the registration form here.

Digital Images: With the exception of the Final Review all Work Reviews will consist of a minimum of 3 digital images. 1 from the front and 1 from each side.  The images must be taken in well lit areas (preferably sunlight). Images that are not clear or well lit will be rejected.  Here is a link to taking better pictures.

Processing: Work Reviews will be processed 1 assignment per review. Assignments may be reviewed out of order and the same assignment can be reviewed for multiple lessons, however all assignments must pass review in order to receive a certificate.

Not all assignments are required to be reviewed in order to receive a certificate.  However you may review any assignment you wish.  Assignments that are required will be stated in the application assignment.  It will state clearly that this assignment requires a work review for certification.

Video Final Review: Once all work reviews have been submitted a Final Certificate Work Review must be completed.  This can be done in person or by video.  Video reviews must be taken in well lit areas, preferably in sunshine or bright natural light).  Videos can be posted to Youtube then shared with your MKC representative for grading.  Youtube only accepts video under specific files sizes.  If necessary stop and restart the video a few times creating multiple files of smaller sizes.  Make sure to record yourself in the video at least a few times during the recording as this is our way of verifying that you are doing the actual makeup and is mandatory to receive a certificate.

NOTE: The new pricing structure includes the cost of all work reviews.  Please use the following links to pay for work reviews if you purchased your online course under the old structure.


Email Reviews: Send your photo to  Make sure to title your email “Work Review” and make sure to include your user name and the name of the lesson to be reviewed.

Final Certificate Work Reviews: Post your video to a video hosting service (Youtube etc…) then send the link to the video to  Make sure to title your email “Final Certificate Work Review”.  Once your video and order is submitted you will be contacted within 72 hours to schedule your review.